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Cell Phones often contain toxic materials:

Cellular phones and other mobile devices often contain toxic materials that can pollute the environment. The chemicals contained in the cell phones and electronics are harmful to the health of both humans and animals. Cell phones and their accessories contain a large number of hazardous substances known as Persistent, Bio-accumulative, and Toxic Chemicals (PBTs). Some of the chemicals contained in the PBTs have been known to cause damage to nervous systems, reproductive systems, and developmental systems, as well as causing cancer.

When recycled properly, the materials can be put back into circulation, reducing the health risks to the community. The materials that are contained in old cell phones can often be recycled and reused to make a variety of other products. Additionally, in order to comply with environmental protection regulations, many countries have very specific requirements and methods for disposing of cell phones, batteries, and other toxic items. Rather than wrestling with disposal guidelines yourself, it is often much easier to just sell or donate old cell phones to a company qualified to recycle them.

Cell Phone Mail-in Program:


Who benefits from the efforts of the mail-in program?  People who would otherwise not be able to obtain a cell phone . The program has the potential to help people in the community. Many community-based organizations have joined with Tri County Recycling phones to those who need them.

What kinds of cell phones are collected?  We accepts all makes and models of mobile phones.

Should I send the charger from my phone?  Yes, chargers would otherwise have to be purchased.

If my cell phone does not work, can I still donate it?  Yes. When donated phones go through the reprogramming process, minor repairs can be made. Depending on the nature of the defect, there still is a chance that it can be repaired. If your cell phone can’t be used for the program it will be recycled.

How do i recycle or donate my cell phone?  Donations can be mailed to us, or dropped off at our location.

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